Hey friends,

Have you ever pursued a dream or goal without being clear of what the outcome could be? My husband, Thom, has always been a go-getter. He’s the type of person that gets a vision for a company and goes for it. And he’s a hard worker. So much so that for over a decade he worked side jobs while pursuing his dream career. Last year he made the bold move to quit his day job to take on the life of a self-employed entrepreneur  f u l l  time. If you are (or know someone who is) self employed you know that the road isn’t an easy one. It takes a lot of self discipline, hustling, and dedication. This November marks his very first anniversary of going out on that cliff of uncertainty and jumping off, trusting that his passion and hard-work will catch him.

I knew that I had to get him something special to commemorate this holiday. And anyone that knows Thom knows that he wears this metal (really worn) watch that I got him about 3 years ago for Christmas.  So the gift idea came quite easily; a watch. Something that is timeless (had to throw that in here somewhere. ha).

So when JORD approached me to do a collaboration I was excited to find that their watches are so handsome and diverse. He can wear it to a business meeting but it’s also style appropriate to wear day-to-day. JORD watches fit my search criteria perfectly. I carefully browsed the their site and the Conway series (Walnut & Jet Black) caught my eye. 


Not only was it the right look, but I found out that they would size (it’s difficult secretly sizing someone’s wrist) his watch so that it was ready to wear when he opened it. And for that special gift touch, they engraved it too.

I got one of his favourite quotes engraved. Something that is so appropriate for our lifestyle.

“Here’s to the crazy ones.”

I’m so thankful to have someone that not only pursues his own dreams but encourages me to do the same. We only have this one life to live, why not be crazy and take on the things that actually give us life and empower us to be who we were created to be.

For a limited time you can order a JORD watch for yourself or someone you love (Christmas, perhaps?) for 25% off by checking out this link: . You’ll love their beautifully crafted timepieces. I know Thom loves his